Xming Page One

The World’s First Google TV LCD Projector with Certified Netflix. Native 1080p FHD.

Cinematic Visual Quality

Brilliant Attention to Detail

Each wrinkle, crevice, and bump is highlighted and brought to life in brilliant detail by the Xming Page One’s native 1080p resolution, high pixel density, and cinematic clarity.

Impeccable Clarity & Brightness

The Xming Page One permits all-around entertainment with enough brightness to activate your portable cinema at any time of day. A level of 500 CVIA lumens makes it 170% brighter than other projectors of its value.

True 500

CVIA Lumens


Higher Brightness

A Vivid Expression of Colors

Experience entertainment a level above the rest. The combination of a crisp 1080P resolution, ultra-high 2000:1 contrast ratio, and HDR10 decoding support ensures a vivid and realistic display of colors with deep blacks, bright whites, and exquisite attention to detail.


Ultra-High Contrast



An Immersive 120” Display

You can appreciate the intimate display of a 40-inch screen or take it to the max with a fully immersive 120-inch display of your content on the Xming Page One. Customize the screen to suit the video type, whether you're engulfed in a movie or taking it easy with a TV show.

Stream It All in One Place

Xming Page One delivers entertainment without limitations with more than 700,000 viewing options across 10,000+ apps, including certified Netflix.

Google TV brings together movies, shows, live TV and more from across apps and subscriptions and organizes them just for the user. And helps the user discover new things to watch with recommendations based on their interests.

Finally, get rid of external streaming devices and start enjoying high-quality Netflix content directly from the Xming Page One. The multi-device synchronization capabilities allow you to switch between viewing devices for a seamless continuation of entertainment.

Elevate Your Audio Experience

Dolby Audio Included

The sound system is also enhanced with Dolby Audio which works to produce a clearer and more dynamic sound by perfectly adjusting the volume levels and canceling background noise.

Auto Keystone Correction

The projector auto-adjusts its calibration to display a perfectly aligned image in 6 seconds, whether it’s placed in the center of the room or off to the side.

Auto Focus

Set up the entertainment in just 3 seconds with the help of a highly sensitive screen sensor that monitors the image in real-time to ensure it’s always a crystal clear display.

Obstacle Avoidance

Don't move the furniture around! The Xming Page One uses an advanced AI algorithm to identify and avoid obstacles in the room and deliver the perfect image to suit your space.

Welcome to Google Assistant

Design for Performance

Seamless Interaction

Enjoy a fluid and responsive interaction with the projector, facilitated by 2GB of RAM which make handling large, demanding applications a breeze for the Xming Page One. It also boasts 16GB of onboard memory to keep all your apps conveniently in one place.

A Fully-Enclosed Light Engine

Enjoy a true visual spectacle with sharp, clear, high-resolution imagery delivered by the custom-designed, fully-enclosed light engine of the Xming Page One.

IP5X: A Longer-Lasting, Dustproof Design

Rejoice in the extended lifespan and superior display quality delivered by a fully enclosed light engine. It gives the Xming Page One an IP5X* dust proof rating, protecting it from black spots and screen burn-in usually associated with projectors.

A Quieter Cooling Mechanism

The Xming Page One is perfect for use in classrooms and quiet environments. With a cooling system that only emits up to 30dB, it allows you to immerse yourself in all your viewing pleasures.

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