Formovie 4K Max

A sensory experience that's out of this world.

4500 ANSI Lumens • 4K Ultra-Clear Resolution • DTS Sky Channel • Motion Compensation

Ultra Short Throw Design

Incredibly Clear Image up to 200 Inches

With an ultra-short focal lens design and large 0:25:1 depth of field, the Formovie 4K Max can project an enormous image with very little distance from the projection surface. Say goodbye to screen occlusion, hoisting, and wiring.

4K Ultra HD Resolution

A Sharp, Lifelike Cinematic Experience

At 4 times the size resolution of 1080P, the Formovie 4K Max provides a sharp image for your home theater enjoyment. Powered by Texas Instruments digital light processing technology.

DTS Virtual:X Technology

Immersive Sound Built In

Packed with industry-leading DTS Virtual:X surround sound technology. Enjoy a cinematic experience without a complicated independent sound system.

HDR10+ Support With HLG Decoding

Inky Blacks Paired With Vibrant Lights

State of the art HDR10+ and HLG decoding technology provides a dynamic picture that helps retain the tones and lighting that content creators intended.

4500 ANSI Lumens

Let Your Home Theater Space Shine

Day or night, the Formovie 4K Max delivers vivid detail to your home theater entertainment. During daytime viewing, the 4K Max can increase screen brightness by more than 87%, achieving 100% CLO light source brightness output and reaching an amazing 4500 ANSI lumens.

FAA Sound Engine

Experience Professional Sound Design

Our in-house FAA sound engine supports a wide range of audio tuning solutions such as Dolby, frequency response curve, and sound cavity design. The result is lifelike sound that's sure to amaze.

ALPD® 3.0 Display Technology

Stunning Visuals

With ALPD®3.0 laser fluorescence display technology built-in, colors appear more vivid and lifelike. The Formovie 4K Max also complies with the Rec.709 color gamut standard for realistic color reproduction.

FAV Image Quality Engine

Optimized Image Projection Technology

The Formovie 4K Max is equipped with image optimization technology that improves brightness, color gamut, sharpness, skin tone restoration, and HDR display. It can also be set to intelligently switch to the appropriate image mode automatically based on what you're watching.

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